ONE GREEN PLANET - This Austin Juice Bar Features Vegan Gelato Coconut Bowls!


Squeezery, a newly opened juice bar in Austin, has a menu that features healthy drinks, coffee and tea, fresh smoothies and their top item, vegan superfood gelato bowls. These aren’t your average vegan bowls though. These are served in actual coconut bowls and have flavors like cashew milk-matcha, acai-lime, avocado-coconut and are topped with various superfoods like fruits, supplements, and nuts.

Their coffee’s include flavors like matcha lattes, beer lattes, ginger turmeric and turmeric lattes. Meanwhile, their smoothies have many options, from watermelon coconut and a green squeeze to a coconut milk smoothie with almond butter.

Founder James Huertas said, “There is something incredibly romantic about bringing elements of what tiki stands for to the everyday life of people. Escapism is important, and so is presentation.”

We certainly agree with that.

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