EATER AUSTIN - Vegan Gelato Coconut Bowls Are Austin’s Next Instagram Trend

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Austin’s latest juice bar, Squeezery, opened in mid-March doling out healthy drinks and food within co-working space The Refinery on 612 Brazos Street. Among the robust menu are vegan superfood gelatos served in actual coconut bowls. The flavors — avocado-coconut, cashew milk-matcha, and acai-lime — are topped with various superfoods like nuts, fruits, and supplements, and then placed in a halved coconut.


The composition of the gelato coconut bowls, aka Freezery Bowls, makes sense when taking Squeezery founder James Huertas’ background. He co-owned essential London tiki cocktail barTrailer Happiness.

“There is something incredibly romantic about bringing elements of what tiki stands for to the everyday life of people,” Huertas said. “Escapism is important, and so is presentation.”

Huertas believes Squeezery “embodies what Austin is through my eyes: inventive, fun, and friendly with a nod to nature.”

The rest of the healthy menu includes juices, smoothies, gluten-free baked goods like matcha banana bread. For more substantial food, there are bowls like the breakfast-focused Cereal Killer (oats, brown rice, nut butter) and the Motherclucker (chicken, peanut-turmeric sauce), and more. The menu was developed with chef KC James.

Coffee and tea features beans and leaves from Chicago roaster Intelligentsia. Along with the usual matcha and turmeric lattes, there’s the curious-sounding beet latte. All coffee drinks are already made with cashew milk.

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